Constellation Work

shelley easthope constellation mandala

What can systemic constellation work offer?

new perspective and flow of love in the system. We all experience life problems, such as relationship difficulties, health challenges or money problems. In healthy systems, problems occur, but usually a change of some nature will address the situation and the ‘problem’ becomes opportunity.

Some life challenges persist or seem to repeat themselves in our lives, despite our desire to change the pattern. Constellation Work is a powerful tool for transformation when there is a life problem which seems to persist or reappear despite attempts at change, even when you have been ‘working on’ or addressing the difficulty through counselling, therapy, professional advice or other means. Constellation Work can offer a different perspective on the situation and a shift in the energy field to create hope, transformation, healing and even joy. The repercussions of Constellation Work can be noticed throughout the system and over time.

By allowing the new perspective that constellation work offers to work in your life, the love grows and soon instead of seeing only the darkness of the difficulty, it is possible to see opportunities and to feel space for joy.

Participants in a constellation circle may choose to only observe, to act as a representative, or to set their own constellation. There is benefit however one participates.

How does it work?

In constellation circles a group of people gather around a shared focus, which might be family issues, business concerns, ecological enquiry—anything that they want to explore. Sitting in a circle we recognize ourselves as part of a greater whole, each with a valuable perspective. Individuals have opportunity to voice a concern that they would like to address by doing a constellation. To set up the constellation, the facilitator identifies the system members that will comprise the constellation. The person seeking assistance or resolution asks individual members of the circle if they are willing to stand as representatives for parts of the system that have been identified. for example, they may be asked to choose a representative for themself, their father and their mother. The representatives are placed inside the circle and with the assistance of the facilitator asking questions and giving simple direction, the work progresses from there to some resolution. Participants are then released to re-join the circle.

Systemic Constellation is a tool that offers insight and opportunity for change to any system. It was originally developed in response to family systems, but may also be applied to businesses, societies, or ecological systems. Shelley and her husband Lyle completed a facilitator training program with Francesca Mason-Boring in 2012. They have been offering constellation circles on Pender Island since 2011 and have hosted a variety of facilitators of this work on Pender Island and in Vancouver.

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