Constellation Work

What can systemic constellation work offer?

Systemic Constellation work offers a new perspective and flow of love in the system. We all experience life problems, such as relationship difficulties, health challenges or money problems. In healthy systems, problems occur, but usually a change of some nature will address the situation and the ‘problem’ becomes opportunity for change and growth.

Some life challenges persist or seem to repeat themselves in our lives, despite our desire to change the pattern. Constellation Work is a powerful tool for transformation when there is a life problem which seems to persist or reappear despite attempts at change, even when you have been ‘working on’ or addressing the difficulty through counselling, therapy, professional advice or other means. Constellation Work can offer a different perspective on the situation and a shift in the energy field to create hope, transformation, healing and even joy. The repercussions of Constellation Work can be noticed throughout the system and over time.

By allowing the new perspective that constellation work offers to work in your life, the love grows and soon instead of seeing only the darkness of the difficulty, it is possible to see opportunities and to feel space for joy. This is why I call my constellation circles, Space for Joy Constellation Healing Circles.

Participants in a constellation circle may choose to only observe, to act as a representative, or to set their own constellation. There is benefit however one participates.

How does it work?
In constellation circles a group of people gather around a shared focus, which might be family issues, business concerns, ecological enquiry—anything that they want to explore. Sitting in a circle we recognize ourselves as part of a greater whole, each with a valuable perspective. Individuals have opportunity to voice a concern that they would like to address by doing a constellation. To set up the constellation, the facilitator identifies the system members that will comprise the constellation. The person seeking assistance or resolution asks individual members of the circle if they are willing to stand as representatives for parts of the system that have been identified. for example, they may be asked to choose a representative for themself, their father and their mother. The representatives are placed inside the circle and with the assistance of the facilitator asking questions and giving simple direction, the work progresses from there to some resolution. Participants are then released to re-join the circle.

Systemic Constellation is a tool that offers insight and opportunity for change to any system. It was originally developed in response to family systems, but may also be applied to businesses, societies, or ecological systems. My husband Lyle and I completed a facilitator training program with Francesca Mason-Boring in 2012. We have participated in circles and trainings facilitated by a wide variety of accomplished facilitators, including Albrecht Mahr, Stephan Hausner, Anngwyn St. Just and Jane Peterson. I have been offering constellation circles on Pender Island since 2011, often assisted by Lyle and have hosted a variety of facilitators of this work on Pender Island and in Vancouver.

Check the events page for upcoming circles, sign up for Shelley’s newsletter, or contact Shelley for private consultation or to be put on a list for notification of these constellation events.

I offer constellation services by ‘mindful payment’. You determine what you will pay for my services, based on your financial situation, the benefits you receive, and all I bring to this work.

​Thank you for yesterday! Profound beyond words for me. i have never witness such powerful healing with so many people in so many ways. Pender and the world is a better place today because of yesterday. Part of what I am here on this earth to do I believe is to help facilitate consciousness. Today, even stronger than my first experience, I believe, your work is a major contributor. A contributor to not only my consciousness but to many others.


– Paul W., Pender Island

Life’s all better now thanks to you. It was like a cancer I didn’t know I had, and you have helped in the healing. Love and gratitude,


– L.H. (Pender Island)

Thank you, dear Shelley, for a beautiful and inspiring Nature Constellation day. Your grace and expertise guided me to spaces I had not visited before.


– Jaya Lynda, Victoria

I had the pleasure of participating in a Family Constellation workshop as well as a Mind Body Spirit Constellation circle, both facilitated by Shelley Easthope. I was completely blown away by the healing power of our energies, and the beauty of community coming together to help one another. Shelley effectively created a supportive, safe environment for people to explore their emotions and work through past and present issues. As a highly skilled facilitator, Shelley’s natural intuition and ability to pick up on subtleties allowed her to easily establish and maintain the flow of the room. Within this flow, many people were able to get to the root of their challenges, and take steps towards overcoming them. I highly recommend attending any workshop offered by Shelley, as she helped me to uncover and move through some of my own issues, while making a positive impact on my spiritual journey as a whole.


Abby Schelew, (Nova Scotia)

Shelley, I’m still feeling the positive effects of Sunday. It feels as though the momentum for healing is growing in the world. So much gets released and revealed in a day of constellations. Thank you so much. I love the way you held the space and guided us. I look forward to the next time we are in circle together.


Mary M., Victoria

I was very appreciative that your skills as a facilitator gave me personally, and our small group as a whole, such good opportunities to learn. Your guidance, sensitivity and insight in my constellation gave me a very rewarding resolution to my family’s losses and need for connection. In addition, our group was able to participate in another aspect of this constellation…that of the experience of being in a nuclear family vs being surrounded by generations of relatives. Thank you so much Shelley. I hope to work with you again soon.


Marion H., MSW, Cedar, B.C.

Shelley brings a light touch and a steady, grounded presence to her work with groups. Her extensive experience, her teaching background, and her insight help you create a safe container for exploration and development. Her work brings freshness and a new energy to personal and organizational challenges and the longing to move forward. My work with her always brings me a fresh perspective and meaningful ideas for moving forward in a good way.


Lynn Corrigan, HR Consultant, Vancouver, B.C.

Thanks again to you and Lyle for such a day of profound insight and healing! Also looking forward to the next one.


Dagmar W., Victoria