Through my career in Asian medicine, I have developed a highly tuned sensitivity to energy and love to share this awareness with others, whether through one to one treatment, classes, or in constellation circles. It is exciting to see people grasp the possibility that is presented when the world is perceived as energy. Energy is not restricted by time or space and thus can transcend both, to effect seemingly ‘miraculous’ change and healing.

Born and raised in the Vancouver, B.C. area, my family roots are many generations Canadian, with earlier generations from the British Isles and earlier still from France. When I was seven, I nearly died from meningitis. I recall little of the time in the hospital, but do remember that I chose to live because of the love and support of my family and community. I am sure that this experience shaped my career. I have been interested in science, fabric arts, dance, literature, gardening and spirituality throughout my life. I have always loved being outdoors.

I graduated from the University of Victoria in the Faculty of Human and Social Development and worked in various capacities and institutions or programs as counselor of children and families. I lived in Winnipeg and then South Africa. In Johannesburg I taught learning disabled children in a private school.

Shortly after returning to Vancouver, I was struggling with a feeling of inability to address the real needs of the children and families I worked with. I decided to return to university to study medicine, but during that process discovered shiatsu and then reiki and found that these addressed my own health concerns in ways that western medicine had been unable. I began study of shiatsu and then reiki and in 1987 co-founded Sourcepoint Center, the first licensed shiatsu clinic in Vancouver.

In 1986 I was first introduced to Reiki and in 1988 I was initiated as a master in Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki, by Phyllis Lei Furumoto. Reiki has taught me much about energy and has given me health and family…but those are stories for my classes!  Soon after my master initiation, I married Lyle Hamer, who I had met while he was working in the REST Lab at UBC. We had a daughter and moved to Pender Island in 1990.

For many years I practiced in my home clinic, near Medicine Beach, a nature sanctuary which I was instrumental in helping protect through a community fund-raising project. In 2008 I moved my practice to the the Pender Islands Health Clinic. In 2016 I moved my practice back to my home, where I continue in a part time  private practice. Since my initiation in 1988 I have been a member of The Reiki Alliance, and participate in the International Reiki Community, writing and attending gatherings.

My husband I and discovered the profound healing of family constellation work in 2007, addressing our own health concerns. Constellation work follows principles familiar to me from my work with Asian medicine and in nature, and honours energy and the integration of body, mind and spirit. It offers a way to efficiently access inter-generational information and a profoundly healing space. Together and individually we have worked with and learned from many facilitators. In 2012 Lyle and I completed a facilitator training with Francesca Mason-Boring. We have also learned from work with Albretch Mahr, Stephan Hausner, Jane Peterson, Rafael Ruiz and Timothy Cunnignhamm among many other facilitators of this remarkable work. I continue to train and expand my awareness of the ‘Constellation Field’.

Over my career I have supported people through birth and death and seen so much of life. I have participated in the healing process of thousands of clients. It is this experience I bring to my teaching, facilitation and treatment. With a lifetime of experience supporting people in finding health and joy in living, I am shifting focus from work with individuals to teaching and facilitation of groups. I thank you for all I have been blessed with and wish you and your families many blessings.

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This interview by Chris Wakaluk, is part of ‘Stories that Brought Us Here”, and focuses on the events that brought Shelley to live on Pender Island, including experiences that shaped who Shelley is.

​Taylor, my cat also thanks you – she’s enjoying the treatments as well (sometimes falling asleep during them!)


– First Degree Reiki Student, Victoria

​I don’t know how you do it, Shelley, but I can honestly say that having shiatsu/reiki treatments from you is nothing short of having a treatment from a miracle worker. Yesterday and today again I feel that my body is in balance, finally. I am not experiencing the internal disturbance that I can only describe as shaky. Not being able to see you regularly is one of the few regrets I have re leaving Pender.


– Cherie O., Duncan, B.C.

I am enjoying Reiki very much. My hands are very warm and everyone tells me so. I touch my patients with much confidence in my Reiki abilities and trust my hands and instincts much more now.


– First Degree Reiki Student, Victoria