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Everything is energy and

that’s all there is to it.

-Albert Einstein

If everything is energy, why do we have difficulty sensing and being aware of the energy we are made of, the energy we are immersed in and that flows through everything?

I can help you learn this language of energy and discern how it is flowing in your body and in the world around you so that you will have access to a limitless source of connection and healing.

Most of us have not been taught to observe energy and have no ‘vocabulary’ in the language of energy. When you listen to a language that you do not understand, it all just seems like meaningless sounds. The more you listen, the more you can discern and by learning some vocabulary and paying attention, you begin to understand and eventually have some proficiency in the language. The same is true for the language of energy which is called ‘ki’ in Japanese and ‘chi’ in Chinese.  I love to help you notice and work with energy. It is exciting to see people grasp the possibility that is presented when the world is perceived as energy. Energy is not restricted by time or space and thus can transcend both, to effect seemingly ‘miraculous’ change and healing.

You may choose to learn about energy through different paths. I have learned about energy through my practice of shiatsu, reiki and constellation work and I continue to teach reiki and facilitate constellation work:

Reiki— A simple hands on healing system that can be learned in a weekend. Through continued practice you engage with the flow of energy and become more aware of it and the laws that govern it. Mrs. Takata, who first brought reiki from Japan to America, said “Reiki will teach you.”

Constellation Work— When we look at systems through a Systemic Constellation lens, we can observe laws of energy flow. These laws were called ‘Orders of Love’ by Bert Hellinger who was the father of this system of healing. When you sit in a constellation circle you can often feel the energy at work even before you understand it.

Ki to Health=Ki to Happiness Online Self-paced classes— Helping you sense and understand ki, or energy, the essence of traditional Asian medicine. This online course gives you some philosophical background and very practical tools to notice, understand and enrich the flow of energy or ‘ki’ in your own body and in the environment around you. I have taught this course for over twenty years and it will soon be available here on my website again.

I have over 30 years experience leading groups, teaching classes and working individually with clients to explore and improve the flow of ki. I offer opportunities to learn through any of these paths. You will find more detailed information on reiki and constellation work on this site, on my blog, and by subscribing to my newsletter. The first step is to be in contact through my newsletter, by signing up for my online course or by coming to an event. My events page gives you opportunity to sign up for classes and circles. I love witnessing the joy that arises when ki that has been stuck begins to flow. My teaching and facilitation are my contribution to the flow of life energy in our world.

​Experience Ki to Health Online

In this experiential online course, we are exploring a variety of ways of tapping into ‘ki’–the energy that fuels movement, healing and change and the magical essence of Asian medicine.

.The Ki to Health Course is temporarily offline. I am offering it in person in a one day retreat format on Pender Island this summer.
If you are already registered in the online course you will be notified when it is again accessible to you. If you are interested in purchasing the course please sign up for my newsletter and you will know as soon as it is again available.
My apologies for any inconvenience.