Healing Arts through Energy

Shelley Easthope - Healing Arts

Through my career in Asian medicine, I have developed a highly tuned sensitivity to energy and love to share this awareness with others, whether through one to one treatment, classes, or in constellation circles. It is exciting to see people grasp the possibility that is presented when the world is perceived as energy. Energy is not restricted by time or space and thus can transcend both, to effect seemingly ‘miraculous’ change and healing.

I have over 30 years experience leading groups, teaching classes and working individually with clients to explore and improve the flow of ki. I love witnessing the joy that arises when ki that has been stuck begins to flow. My teaching and facilitation are my contribution to the flow of life energy in our world.

Are you enjoying quiet reflective time or missing time with friends? Are you cleaning and organizing or daydreaming and resting?

Are you anxious about not working or relieved to have time? Probably a mix of these, while we all stay home and physically distance to curb the spread of Covid-19. We can use this time to rest, reflect and restore. We can take time to build resilience.

If you need support or tools to help build resilience, I offer them through my newsletter and here on my website. I also have an Instagram and Facebook presence.

My clinical home practice, classes and circles are all suspended, but I do offer distant reiki sessions as well as online and phone consultations. Don't hesitate to reach out. This is an important time to quietly cultivate health and happiness and create more Space for Joy in our lives.