Upcoming Events

Space For Joy Constellation Circle
Bi-monthly constellation circle at Hope Bay Studio, on Pender Island 2:00-5:00 PM on the last Sunday of the month.  September 27, November 29 , 2020. A constellation circle is a deeply healing place, a sacred place. Those who come to the circle come to find release from patterns, to have rich encounter with others, to see the world from a new perspective. We leave the circle with insight into our family and ancestral loyalties, with a deeper compassion for others and with a heightened awareness of our connection. When we set a constellation ourselves the most common outcome is more freedom to love. In these bi-monthly circles we usually set two or perhaps three constellations. Please pre-register.
First Date: 27 September 2020 02:00PM
Recurring: 2:00 PM Last Sunday of every second month
Location: Hope Bay Studio
Fee: Mindful Payment
Reiki Sharing Circle
This monthly sharing circle in my home is open to anyone to attend to give and receive reiki. Sharing with others enriches your understanding and experience of reiki practice and gives opportunity to fully relax while others treat you.  This is usually a small group and we take turns being treated while the others in the circle lay hands on us. No charge for this gathering. Please register intention to attend.
First Date: 29 July 2020 07:00PM
Recurring: 7:00 PM Last Wednesday of the month
Location: Shelley's home
Fee: none
Just Reiki-- Four Day Reiki Intensive on Pender Island
Imagine four days of deep relaxation, every morning giving and receiving reiki in small groups of two or three, in the quiet of Shelley's home. We begin the day with a short circle and then move to the treatment tables, having opportunity to practise with different people in the small group each day. Afternoons and evenings are free to enjoy in relaxation, exploration of the island, creative projects, or anything you choose. On the final day we enjoy lunch together and are ready for departure by 2:00 PM.
First Date: 26 July 2020 09:00AM
Recurring: 9:00 AM - Noon with lunch on the final day until 2:00 PM
Location: Shelley's Home on Pender Island
Fee: $140.00
Nature Constellation Day on Pender Island
This is a day outdoors embraced by nature and the beauty of land and ocean, in the company of curious, courageous and kind individuals. Constellations done in nature invite serendipity of wind, insects, animals and weather offering their medicine. We have short breaks throughout the day and our lunch break from 12:30-1:15.  Please bring your own lunch, drinks and whatever you require to be comfortable outdoors. Some chairs are available and you may also wish to bring your own.  Also bring whatever weighs heavily on your heart or perhaps a question of environment or landscape to be addressed in circle. We will do some small group constellation exercises as well as set individual constellations with the support of the whole circle. A day to look forward to every year, but especially this year when it has been a long time since we have gathered in the healing circle. 
First Date: 19 July 2020 10:30AM
Recurring: Once a year on Pender Island
Location: Meadow at a private residence on Pender Island. Address to be provided on registration.
Fee: 'Mindful Payment', suggested $35-$80.
Ki to Health=Ki to Happiness
Imagine feeling confident that you have tools to maintain your health, that you have a wealth of simple things you can do each day that keep you balanced and energized. Now, more than ever, we need to nurture body, mind and spirit. Western medicine is truly wonderful in all it can control and repair, but as we have seen with the Covid 19 pandemic, there are limits to this approach to medicine. Traditional Asian medicine cultivates balance and harmony to create strength and resilience in the body, so that we are prepared for challenges when they come. It is not an alternative to Western medicine, but a complement. It works to support you and can provide you with valuable resources to maintain health. The more tools you have to create balance and harmony in body, mind and spirit, the more confident and healthy you will be. Ki  is a Japanese word for energy or breath and when it is flowing smoothly in our bodies we are healthy. Ki is the basic resource of Traditional Asian medicine. My course, Ki to Health = Ki to Happiness, introduces you to ki and the basic concepts of Asian medicine. Through practical exercises and experiences you will learn to recognize and enhance the flow of ki in your body. Ki or energy, is an unlimited universal resource that is available to anyone for a vital life. Discover a wealth of simple ways to cultivate and abundant flow of ki in your life. This offering of Ki to Health = Ki to Happiness will be used to create video content for the online version of the course. Participants will also have access to the online course once it is available.
First Date: 25 July 2020 09:30AM
Recurring: 1.5 hours once a week for six weeks.
Location: TBA
Fee: $65.00
First Degree Reiki Class
Find healing in your own hands, healing for you, your family, friends, pets, plants and more. You will be inspired by my stories from over thirty years practising this profound but gentle healing art. Over the weekend you will learn the history of this practice, self treatment, the 'foundation treatment' for maintenance and chronic conditions, emergency treatment and how to use reiki in other ways. We will discuss the reiki principles and you receive the four first degree initiations. At completion you receive a 'Blue Book' and certificate issued by the Reiki Alliance. xxx
First Date: Dates to be announced
Recurring: Friday 7pm, Sat. 10-4, Sun 10-1
Location: Pender Island, Victoria or Vancouver
Fee: $300.00