Upcoming Events

Just Reiki-- Four Day Reiki Intensive on Pender Island
Imagine four days of deep relaxation, every morning giving and receiving reiki in small groups of two or three, in the quiet of Shelley's home. We begin the day with a short circle and then move to the treatment tables, having opportunity to practise with different people in the small group each day. Afternoons and evenings are free to enjoy in relaxation, exploration of the island, creative projects, or anything you choose. On the final day we enjoy lunch together and are ready for departure by 2:00 PM. I look forward to hosting a small group for this intensive. Please register as soon as you can as space will be more limited than usual. If you require accommodation on Pender Island, you may contact me for referrals. Accommodation should be booked early as it fills up quickly here!
First Date: 04 June 2023 09:00AM
Recurring: 9:00 AM - Noon with lunch on the final day until 2:00 PM
Location: Shelley's home
Fee: $150.00 includes lunch on the last day
Space for Joy Constellation Circle
A constellation circle is a deeply healing place, a sacred place. Those who come to the circle come to find release from patterns, to have rich encounter with others, to see the world from a new perspective. We leave the circle with insight into our family and ancestral loyalties, with a deeper compassion for others and with a heightened awareness of the depth of our connection. When we set a constellation ourselves, the most common outcome is more freedom to change and to love. In these circles we usually set two or perhaps three constellations. Please pre-register in case the group size must be limited.  These circles will be held outdoors during summer and in private homes when we cannot meet outdoors due to inclement weather. The location will be emailed to registered participants a few days before the circle. If there is a last minute change due to weather, that information will be sent the night before the event is scheduled.
First Date: 29 January 2023 01:30PM
Recurring: Bi-monthly circle on the last Sunday of the month on Pender Island
Nature Constellation Days on Pender Island-- Full Day Space for Joy Circles
Being outdoors and on the earth all day adds a richness to the constellation experience that is extraordinary. Healing circles have taken place all over the earth and in all different indigenous cultures. No matter where your genes originate, some of your ancestors will have experienced healing work outdoors in circles with ceremony and celebration. In this circle we have the opportunity to reinforce our connection with mother earth and father sky, with the forest and animals sharing it, with our ancestors, family and community. We will have the assistance of Sombra, our approximately one year old Lab mix. Dogs have been my assistant at most of our outdoor circles and always draw attention to what I am missing.. or the family is missing! I plan to hold this circle on the new area we have prepared on our own property. There will be facilities for us to share a potluck lunch. Please bring a folding chair and whatever sun protection you require as well as water for yourself and food to share. Dishes and cutlery will be provided.
First Date: 16 July 2023 10:30AM
Recurring: A full day of constellation work facilitated by Shelley in the beauty of forest and in view of sea.
Location: Shelley and Lyle's home on Pender Island
Fee: Mindful payment--what your feel appropriate, based on what you are receiving, your resources and all the resources of training, experience and venue, that go into this day.
First Degree Reiki Class
Find healing in your own hands. Healing for you, your family, friends, pets, plants and more. You will be inspired by my stories from over thirty years practising this profound but gentle healing art. Over the weekend you will learn the history of this practice, self treatment, the 'foundation treatment' for maintenance and chronic conditions, emergency treatment and how to use reiki in other ways. We will discuss the reiki principles and you receive the four first degree initiations. At completion you receive a 'Blue Book' and certificate issued by the Reiki Alliance. 
First Date: Dates to be announced
Location: Victoria
Email me to express interest in classes in Vancouver or on Pender Island.
Fee: $300.00
Second Degree Reiki
Second Degree in Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki is an opportunity to deepen reiki practise and the healing that reiki brings to your life. We discover the rich use of symbols to enhance the practice and how to focus reiki in different ways, for example for mental clearing or for distant treatment. During this time of social distancing my distant reiki practice has become a much larger part of my life than previously. I have been witness to many 'miracles' of connection, providing insight into this web of energy that flows between us. Second Degree Reiki enables a deepening of this awareness.
First Date: Dates to be announced
Recurring: Friday 7-9 PM Saturday 2-4:30 PM Sunday 9:30 AM-12:00
Location: TBA
Fee: $680.00
Reiki: Online Introduction or Refresh
Some connection, with reiki, with me. Ask questions and begin the practice. This is an opportunity for you to become acquainted with me and with the practice of reiki in an online forum. It could also be a wonderful refresher for anyone who feels they have 'lost touch' with reiki practice.  In the first forty minute session, we will introduce ourselves and you will have a chance to express your questions. I will talk about reiki, my relationship with it and my experience of it in my life. In the second forty minute session I will demonstrate a self treatment as you follow along. This is usually a relaxing and nourishing experience. You will be able to ask questions or make comments as needed. The two sessions will be held consecutively, on one afternoon or evening with only a short break between. You will require a device such as computer, tablet or phone to log into Zoom for the sessions. I would also suggest to have a comfortable seat or lay on a bed or sofa and have water available. Anyone who registers for one of these sessions will be given a $30 discount on the next reiki class they register for with me.
First Date: Dates to be announced
Location: Online
Fee: $30.00