An online course to help you tap into more of
the extraordinary energy that keeps you vibrant

f you want a balanced life that flows with ease…

If you want to rely less on others and more on yourself to maintain well-being…

If you want to understand the language of energy and how ki can nourish your life…

If you have studied complementary medicine and need a refresher and some new inspiration…

If you want to live in harmony with the earth and her rhythms, accessing the energy of creation…

If you want to understand your unique patterns and your own way in the world…

If you are curious (or skeptical) about ‘life energy’, the ki (qi, chi) that is the foundation of Asian medicine…

This course is for you!

In Ki to Health = Ki to Happiness, you’ll learn how to…

  • Create balance, ease and peace of mind in your life.
  • Live in harmony with the seasons, moving, eating and thinking in ways that keep you vibrant and resilient.
  • Feel energy moving in your body, notice where it becomes blocked and know how to keep it flowing.
  • form habits and routines that support your well-being and create joy in your life.

This course will open you to the awareness of energy and the ways it flows in the world. You will finish the course with all the tools you need to continue exploring the world as energy, inspired to create and maintain a balanced and harmonious life. You will understand how ki can create health and happiness.

Access everywhere – in your own time

Your registration fee gives you access to all course materials whenever you choose to use them. You can browse the information, try out exercises and refer back to videos, audio files and PDF’s whenever you like. You can use the information as a resource when you encounter challenges to your well-being.

How it works

Ki to Health = Ki to Happiness is a self-paced seven-module course. There is no set start or end date so you can use the course however and whenever you need it. You can follow the order of the course and get an overview of how energy works or you can dive into one area that particularly interests you.

Each module includes a lesson, a PDF resource, videos of movement, ki-testing, self-massage, breathing exercises, and an audio file of a guided visualization to help you relax and experience the subject of that module.

To get the most out of the course you will want to keep a journal to track what exercises you have done and what you have learned about yourself. In the journal, you can also record the answers to questions posed in the lessons and PDFs.

If you need help there is an optional Facebook Group for support or you can always contact Shelley directly.

Who’s the instructor?

Hi! I’m Shelley Easthope. I’m a healthy and happy shiatsu practitioner, reiki master, constellation facilitator, wife, mother, gardener, writer…the list is long. I have helped people from all walks and stages of life find health balance and joy.  I especially like working with the skeptics! I have been practicing and teaching for more than 35 years, so have learned a lot in my career.

I created Ki to Health = Ki to Happiness because I felt there was a need for an accessible and reasonable resource to help people understand how they could live in harmony with the earth, how to rely more on themselves to stay healthy and less on other professionals.

Ki to Health = Ki to Happiness for as little as $30

When you sign up for this experiential course, you’ll get immediate access to:

  • Seven modules to guide you through a study of ki or life energy, and how it flows in the world. Each module focuses on a different aspect of ki, according to traditional Chinese medicine.
  • Seven PDF files (44 pages altogether) that you can read online or print for later, providing you with a framework for understanding energy and the principles that govern its flow. These PDF’s also pose questions to help you observe energy in your own life and give suggestions of how to keep ki flowing.
  • Fifteen videos to guide you through movement, stretching, breathing and self-massage routines. You can use these whenever you like and as often as you like, until you are so familiar you don’t need them anymore!
  • Six Guided Visualization audio files to provide you with a relaxing experience of different aspects of energy and an opportunity to cultivate that energy. You can use these as often as you like to support your relaxation and well-being.

Some comments from students…

“It was wonderful, enlightening and revealing and relaxing.”

“It opened the door to new ideas.”

“It was very valuable, I want to learn more! I found the focusing of ki very powerful. I loved the variety of breath/stretch/ki testing/massage–such a nice balance of activities.”

“This course had the essence of what attracted me to shiatsu in the first place and renewed it in me. The simplicity and joy of discovery helped me learn more/new things on subjects I have previously studied.”

“I have been learning with my mind for years, now it is time to learn more through my body. What a joy to find this stepping stone on the path to who knows where!”

Are you still wondering about something? Here are a few frequently asked questions…

Why is it called ‘Ki to Health = Ki to Happiness’?

Ki is the word for ‘life energy’ in Japanese (chi or qi in Chinese and prana in Sanskrit) and because I have studied healing arts of primarily Japanese origin, I refer to this energy as ki.

When I began practising shiatsu and reiki I did not refer to ki when discussing my work but with experience, my awareness of ki and my confidence in understanding it has grown until it is so obvious that I cannot help but refer to ki. I have observed countless lives enhanced by improving the flow of ki.

What is next after I sign up?

You will choose an amount to pay for the course and then you will be asked to create an account, using your email address and password of your choice.

Once you have created the account, you will find your course in your cart. You can either pay with your credit card or your PayPal account (you do not need a PayPal account, your payment just gets processed through PayPal).

After you have successfully completed the purchase, you are logged in and will be redirected to a page with the link to your course. If you choose to log out at any point, you can always log back into the website with the email and password you set during the purchase process. KtHKtH is available to you at any time you wish.

What equipment will I need for this course?

You will need a device with internet access and a way to open the PDF’s. For the stretches you will need a little open space, such as you would use for yoga, and perhaps a rug or mat and cushions. For the guided visualizations you may want speakers or headphones to listen while relaxing. A journal to record observations, questions and insights will also be useful.

I am really busy, or not up to spending much time on the computer. Can I still use this course?

Yes! I have developed this as a self-paced course for just this reason. You can do what you want, when you want to do it. You can print off PDF’s and use them when not online. You can do the same thing over and over until you don’t need the tutorial any more. You use what is most helpful and appealing to you and can choose the order to do it in.

Why the ‘mindful payment’? How do I decide what to pay?

I use mindful payment as a way to make this available to as wide a variety of people as possible. This gives you a choice of three levels of payment. One of the principles of energy flow, is that there must be balance in giving and taking. I ask you to consider your economic situation, all the work that has been put into developing this course and what you expect to receive from it, in your decision about what you pay. KtHKtH was described by Ted Thomas,, and shiatsu instructor, as ‘very comprehensive’, ‘incredible’ and ‘impressive’. If you use the course and find you got more value than you paid for, there is a donation button at the end of the course!

When does the course start?

As soon as you sign up for it! After registering and paying you have immediate access to all course content. You can work through it at your own pace. I recommend you begin with reading ‘How to Use this Course’.

Do you offer refunds?

Unfortunately, I do not offer refunds after you have purchased the course. Shop ‘mindfully’ and contact me for assistance if you require it.

How can I get the most out of this course?

The more you use KtHKtH the more you will get out of it. However, even one exercise can have huge impact in your life. I have seen lasting change in my life from one insight I had in a ki-testing exercise. Using the material often, particularly the stretches and ki-breathing exercises, will create ongoing improvement in health and happiness. You will get the most out of it if you approach it with curiosity and playfulness and not as work…only do what feels good and don’t force anything. Enjoy this fascinating journey.

Who can I contact if I have other questions?

You can contact me, Shelley Easthope, and I will be happy to answer your questions as best I can.

And some final words from me…

By working with me in this course, you will gain insight, inspiration and understanding to support you in living in harmony with our world. What you will not receive in this course is strict rules, directives or schedules. I believe everyone has their own path and unique understanding. I share mine with you and you deepen your understanding of your own path.

Thank you for caring about yourself and your world, for being curious and willing to take responsibility to do what you can to live a happy and healthy life.

We can have a big impact on our world by the way we live our lives.

Together, we are creating a Healthier and Happier world!