Keeping the Ki Flowing…

Now that you are familiar with the essential concepts of traditional Asian medicine and have some experience of ki and how to sense and move it, you will want to keep it flowing! Regular use of the five element stretches and ki breathing are the best way I know to maintain the flow. When I have let these lapse in the past, I have noticed restricted movement or small health concerns popping up to remind me. It is amazing how quickly the flow is restored when I return to regular stretching and ki breathing!

You can come back to these lessons at any time. If you are having difficulty in any area of life – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual – you can consider which element the difficulty may fall into and then nourish that element by doing things to support it or to nourish the ‘mother’ element, the one that comes before it in the five-element circle of nourishment. Some ways to nourish:

  • choosing foods that have the flavour of the mother element.
  • doing stretches that stimulate the mother element.
  • surrounding yourself with the colour of the ‘mother element’, that is, the element preceding the weak element in the five element nurturing cycle.

You can also more directly strengthen the element that seems stuck by doing things that will support that particular element.

If you are having particular challenges with an element, you might consider consulting a Dr.TCM (herbalist and/or acupuncturist), who can both provide treatment and give you dietary and other recommendations.

If you prefer a hands-on, bodywork approach, then you may look for a shiatsu therapist for treatment. Be sure to ask them any questions you may have about their training and experience, so that you feel entirely confident in their treatment of you. Another option to explore further work with ki and to receive support would be to go for a reiki treatment. Again, be sure you question the practitioner before your appointment to ensure you will be comfortable and feel safe with them.

You also may be interested in taking a reiki class. I have learned so much over the years and become sensitive to energy largely because of my practice of reiki. If you have not studied reiki, you may find a class here. If you have taken a class, I encourage you to do daily self treatment and also to find a small group with whom you can exchange treatments. I hold an annual reiki intensive, called Just Reiki, in which we give and receive treatment every day for four consecutive days. This is a deeply restorative experience that is available to anyone who practices reiki.

For those of you who have particularly enjoyed the ki training portion of this class, you may find a study of aikido and especially Ki Aikido very helpful. Many larger centers have Ki Society or Ki Aikido classes.

If you found the massage portion of this course especially helpful or interesting, you will enjoy a study of shiatsu. Many community centers have introductory shiatsu courses and professional level courses are offered at colleges throughout the world. An online training site that I have enjoyed for shiatsu is New Energy Work.

I have included as a PDF a list of resources that I have found interesting and useful over my career. Those of you who would like more in-depth understanding will find plenty to delve into in this list.

A balance of give and take is one of the principles of continued flow of energy. If you have found this course extremely valuable to you, and would like to contribute more than the fee you initially chose, I am happy to receive donations to support me and my work through paypal or an e-transfer. You will find a donate button on this page.

Awareness is the first step in change and growth. With your increased understanding and awareness of ki, you will continue to have experiences that open you further to this unlimited resource available to all.

As Stephen Hawking encouraged us, “Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious. And however difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at.”

May you have abundant ki flowing through your life.


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