Nature Constellation Days on Pender Island-- Full Day Space for Joy Circles

Being outdoors and on the earth all day adds a richness to the constellation experience that is extraordinary. Healing circles have taken place all over the earth and in all different indigenous cultures. No matter where your genes originate, some of your ancestors will have experienced healing work outdoors in circles with ceremony and celebration. In this circle we have the opportunity to reinforce our connection with mother earth and father sky, with the forest and animals sharing it, with our ancestors, family and community. We will have the assistance of Sombra, our approximately one year old Lab mix. Dogs have been my assistant at most of our outdoor circles and always draw attention to what I am missing.. or the family is missing!

I plan to hold this circle on the new area we have prepared on our own property. There will be facilities for us to share a potluck lunch. Please bring a folding chair and whatever sun protection you require as well as water for yourself and food to share. Dishes and cutlery will be provided.

Person holding a hat to shade the eyes of person facing them who has someone behind them.
First Date: 16 July 2023 10:30AM
When: A full day of constellation work facilitated by Shelley in the beauty of forest and in view of sea.
Location: Shelley and Lyle's home on Pender Island
Fee: Mindful payment--what you feel appropriate, based on what you are receiving, your resources and all the resources of training, experience and venue, that go into this day. By cash,, cheque, Square, e-transfer to, or