Reiki: Online Introduction or Refresh

Some connection, with reiki, with me. Ask questions and begin the practice.

This is an opportunity for you to become acquainted with me and with the practice of reiki in an online forum. It could also be a wonderful refresher for anyone who feels they have 'lost touch' with reiki practice. 

In the first forty minute session, we will introduce ourselves and you will have a chance to express your questions. I will talk about reiki, my relationship with it and my experience of it in my life. In the second forty minute session I will demonstrate a self treatment as you follow along. This is usually a relaxing and nourishing experience. You will be able to ask questions or make comments as needed.

The two sessions will be held consecutively, on one afternoon or evening with only a short break between. You will require a device such as computer, tablet or phone to log into Zoom for the sessions. I would also suggest to have a comfortable seat or lay on a bed or sofa and have water available.

Anyone who registers for one of these sessions will be given a $30 discount on the next reiki class they register for with me.

Looking up into rhododendron branches
Dates to be announced
Location: Online
Fee: $30.00

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