Ki to Health=Ki to Happiness

Imagine feeling confident that you have tools to maintain your health, that you have a wealth of simple things you can do each day that keep you balanced and energized.

Now, more than ever, we need to nurture body, mind and spirit. Western medicine is truly wonderful in all it can control and repair, but as we have seen with the Covid 19 pandemic, there are limits to this approach to medicine. Traditional Asian medicine cultivates balance and harmony to create strength and resilience in the body, so that we are prepared for challenges when they come. It is not an alternative to Western medicine, but a complement. It works to support you and can provide you with valuable resources to maintain health. The more tools you have to create balance and harmony in body, mind and spirit, the more confident and healthy you will be.

Ki  is a Japanese word for energy or breath and when it is flowing smoothly in our bodies we are healthy.

Ki is the basic resource of Traditional Asian medicine. My course, Ki to Health = Ki to Happiness, introduces you to ki and the basic concepts of Asian medicine. Through practical exercises and experiences you will learn to recognize and enhance the flow of ki in your body. Ki or energy, is an unlimited universal resource that is available to anyone for a vital life.

Discover a wealth of simple ways to cultivate and abundant flow of ki in your life. This offering of Ki to Health = Ki to Happiness will be used to create video content for the online version of the course. Participants will also have access to the online course once it is available.

Spiral of dark and light rocks.
Dates to be announced
When: This will be an online course.
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