Nature Constellation Days on Pender Island--Space for Joy Circles

This is an afternoon outdoors embraced by nature and the beauty of land and ocean, in the company of curious, courageous and kind individuals. Constellations done in nature invite serendipity of wind, insects, animals and weather offering their medicine. We have short breaks throughout the afternoon.  Please bring your own snacks, drinks and whatever you require to be comfortable outdoors. Some chairs are available but please bring your own if possible.  Also bring whatever weighs heavily on your heart or perhaps a question of environment or landscape to be addressed in circle. We will do some small group constellation exercises as well as set individual constellations with the support of the whole circle.

A day to look forward to every year, but this year when it is difficult to gather indoors we will meet outdoors four consecutive months - our regular Space for Joy circles. Please register there, in the Space for Joy event. If rain is threatening, I will send an email to cancel the circle by 7 PM Saturday evening, the night before the circle.

Please bring your chair and anything you need to be comfortable for the afternoon outdoors. (water, a hat...) 

The chairs are ready and the circle in the meadow awaits you.
First Date: 16 May 2021 01:30PM
When: Constellation circles in Nature on Pender Island!
Location: TBA
Fee: 'Mindful Payment',

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