Earth: Spleen and Stomach

Earth is our home and mother, where we all originate and belong. It is associated with nourishment and abundance. The organs of the earth element are spleen and stomach. The end of summer, harvest time, is the season of earth and 7-11 AM is the time of day when this element is in peak function. Worry and too much thinking can weaken this element, while feeling supported and at ease will strengthen our earth element.

The PDF provides you with more insight into this element and offers suggestions for cultivating a healthy earth element. You may read the PDF over and notice how the earth element functions in your life. 

The Warm Up and Five Element Stretches assist you in nourishing your body with free flowing ki. Notice how easy or difficult the earth element stretch is for you. If you have difficulty kneeling, find another way to stretch the thighs and relax the abdomen. Over time, you may find kneeling easier and your earth element stronger. While you do these stretches, consciously allow your body to relax into the earth. Take your time and notice how the earth supports you.

The Ki Strengthening video for the earth element teaches us to allow the earth to support us. This ki test will show you how worry, or being in your head rather than solidly in your body, on the ground, undermines the flow of ki in your body. Feeling relaxed and supported and being fully present makes us strong.

Ki breathing nurtures connection and helps us relax and release worry.

Breath is the definition of life and the earth is the origin of our life, our mother. When we breathe, we are connecting with all parts of this beautiful planet and that sense of connection can help us release worries. Our breath nourishes our cells and gives us energy to connect with the world. Deep and relaxed breathing grounds us and restores us.

Worry can interfere with our breathing and weaken the earth element. Ki breathing can help us to release worry and relax into the support of the earth. This is ‘being grounded’. When we think we have to look after everything by ourselves, the worry piles up and the burden is heavy. But when we know that we are connected to everything we need, when we know we are supported, we can release the worry and relax.

Before you begin your ki breathing you may wish to make a list of worries. Then, when you exhale, release these worries with the exhalation. You might envision them as flowing out to the ends of the earth, or perhaps flowing down into the earth where they can be transformed. With each inhalation, breathe in the support of the earth. You might see your breath in colours, giving the worries a colour as you breathe them out and then breathing in the golden nectar of the earth.

Just for today, do not worry. Relax into mother earth.

The Abdominal or Hara Massage is a simple way to improve digestion and overall health. The energetic and physical center of the body, just below the navel, is referred to as the hara in Japanese. It is considered the place where power resides and is referred to as ‘one point’ in aikido terms. The abdominal massage keeps this area relaxed and energized and is something that I think everyone can benefit from practising. The abdominal massage also helps you to stay aware of the condition of your abdominal organs. Where there is tension may indicate a problem before it manifests in other symptoms, and the massage can address tension and blockage and encourage organ health.

The Earth Our Mother Guided Visualization will offer you a sense of the quality of earth energy. It can be used to connect with the nurturing energy of the earth, for grounding, calming, and support, and to nourish you energetically. 

Earth rejoices our words, breathing and peaceful steps. Let every breath, every word and every step make the mother earth proud of us. – Amit Ray

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Ki strengthening – Earth

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