Winter Solstice РAn Excerpt from my Winter Newsletter

How will you mark this transition, in the northern hemisphere, with the shortest day marking our move into winter and perhaps more time indoors? With restrictions on gathering changing again, my calendar is not as full as it has been. I am looking at the coming year and wondering… As I receive your cards I am so thankful for each of you and wonder when we can meet again and how our gatherings will look. At this time of year I like to take stock and then envision what my best course might be in the next year and perhaps beyond. I have begun this process and on Sunday when there was a very small group for our constellation circle, we did an exercise to assist in being clearer about what is important for us in the year to come. This exercise that we did is something it is simple for you to do at home. It is most easily done with another person but could be done on your own. It requires some slips of paper, a pen and some stones (I use my heart shaped stones). Begin by identifying what you would like to prioritize. Perhaps you want to know on what activities to focus your time and energy for your highest good. Perhaps you are curious what health regimes are best for you, or what people or organizations will be in your best interest to be associated with. I looked at what activities would be for my highest good. Write all the choices you think of on separate small pieces of paper and keep these to yourself. When you are ready with your papers, one person chooses a stone for each of their papers and places it with writing downward and a stone on top. Two objects are placed to arrange the stones between, from best good to least good. We used a big pencil for highest good and at the other end a small pencil for least good. Once all are placed, your partner (or you if doing it by yourself) feels into each stone/paper. Then the stone/paper pieces are moved into the order that is sensed, ranging between highest and lowest, best to worst as may be. Take time with this and notice all the thoughts and feelings. Once the order is set, it is time for you to lift the stones and look at the reverse of the papers to see what is revealed to be in your best interest and what is not so good for you. It was interesting to me that being outdoors was the highest priority for me. This said a lot, including that I am very excited and energized to be preparing the space for outdoor circles. We also noticed that some of the activities felt like they were interchangeable and others were very set in their position. This exercise is very useful whenever there are choices to be made. It is a way of giving yourself a little bit of distance from your decisions and a different viewpoint. Now it is time for me to deliver some small gifts and make our solstice supper. I hope you are celebrating the wonder of the turn of the seasons. I give thanks for all that you contribute to the world. With wishes for warmth, connection and contentment in the year to come, Shelley