‘There are no accidents!!’. This is the phrase that came to mind when my cell phone slid into the kitchen sink last month. Over the past few months in the constellation circles that I have facilitated, I have noticed that apparent ‘accidents’, were actually messages or insights from the ‘knowing field’. On one occasion we were inquiring about the best training for someone. She set representatives for her various choices and they were asked to arrange themselves along a line on the floor, from her ‘highest good’ or her best interest to ‘least good’ or in her least interest. As the representatives moved along the line, finding the spot where they felt most comfortable, two of them were vying for the same position. One of them actually stated that if she could she would “climb right inside” the other representative. At this point I had a feeling and and asked each person which training they represented. They both thought they were representing the same training and it seemed clear that was the right one for the enquirer to enroll in. I actually said, it seemed the other would not take place, even though it was planned. Just a week later we heard confirmation that the other training was cancelled!

I have experienced this kind of situation many times, where an accident or perceived mistake, is just the field bringing something into awareness. The more I experience it in constellation circles, the more I realize this is a way to understand and live life in general. So when my phone fell into the sink, I asked myself ‘What is this about?’. I had been struggling with a decision about giving up my lovely work-space in our local health clinic where I do primarily one to one consultation and treatment, so that I would have more time and freedom for group work– systemic constellation and consensus facilitation and reiki classes. When I contemplated my cell phone I remembered that I had only gotten it so that I would have a phone at the clinic. I had been asking whether my time there was at an end, so here was the answer. I did replace the phone, but not before I had called a constellation about my work path and had become clear that it was indeed time to make this shift.

The wonderful thing about seeing the cell phone in the sink as a message, is that I was not nearly as upset about it as I otherwise would be. I was not angry at myself for letting this happen. I actually saw some humour in the way the message came! This understanding gained in constellation circles assists me in living the reiki principles…’Just for today do not worry; Just for today do not anger…show gratitude for every living thing; and especially, Earn your living honestly’. When we are not doing what we should be doing we begin to feel resentful and the energy becomes blocked. I have a new cell phone and a new vision for my work and great appreciation for constellation work as spiritual training.