Reiki is first for yourself, then for your family and friends and then for others.’  This was what  was taught by Hawayo Takata, the master who brought reiki to the west from Japan. Reiki is a simple and extremely powerful system of healing that anyone can learn.

The Usui System of Reiki Healing, is a spiritual healing art, practiced through the placement of hands on the clothed body. The hands facilitate the flow of Ki, the energy of life, throughout the body, producing profound healing on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. This gentle but powerful treatment may be performed on others or oneself.  It is safe and effective for all conditions.

The experience of the person receiving reiki treatment varies, but is most commonly one of profound relaxation, leading to increased energy and ease. This experience may also be described as that of spirit touching spirit, powerful, nourishing and transforming. “Breath of the Spirit” is a translation of the Japanese word reiki which aptly describes this experience.

It is through diligent practise that reiki practitioners cultivate their skill. I have learned to trust that the energy that we call ‘Reiki’ creates just the right experience for each person who comes for a treatment or participates in a class. It fills our needs, if we just allow it. The practise of the Usui Shiki Ryoho is about learning to allow this energy to fill our lives, to light up dark or closed off areas, to energize areas that have become dull or sluggish with time and experience in the world.

Reiki is taught through the interaction of student and teacher in an oral tradition. Shelley teaches and practises a traditional form of this healing art, Usui Shiki Ryoho, or the Usui System of Reiki Healing.

Usui System of Natural Healing

First degree

Learning to practise reiki is simple and begins with First Degree Initiation. Anyone who may not know for sure if they wish to attend a class is encouraged to come for treatment with myself or another practitioner and/or attend an introduction, which includes a description, history, my story, demonstration, and questions answered. Then they may either stay to take the class or leave when the introduction has been concluded. The first level or first degree class opens up and frees up our bodies to more readily receive the energy we call Reiki.

In the first degree class, you will be taught the history of this system, a foundation treatment which includes hand positions to treat all internal organs, self-treatment, emergency treatment, and the extension to treatment for animals,plants, …even cars! You will also learn about the Reiki Principles, five principles which work with you in your practice of this healing art, and receive four initiations by myself, to open and sensitize you to this energy.

During the class I share many stories and experiences of my own in treating a huge variety of conditions, including colds and flu, joint problems, insomnia, cancer, headaches, depression, broken bones, back pain…..the list seems endless. All conditions respond to treatment, some with apparent results more quickly than others.

At the end of the first degree class the participants will be able to treat themselves, friends and family, animals and plants. Their hands will be sensitized to this energy, which often feels like warmth in the treated area, and with practise the hands will become increasingly sensitive and able to find the source of problems in the body. Participants will receive a certificate on completion of the class.

First Degree class fee is $295.00


Second Degree

The next level of study would be second degree, which is also taught over a few days. It is taught to students who wish to deepen their experience in Reiki, after having practised with first degree for a minimum of 3 months and usually at least a year. In second degree, students are taught symbols to use and how to do distant treatment and more specific treatment. Students are given one second degree initiation, and receive a certificate for this level. As second degree is a substantially larger commitment to this practice, the cost is also substantially more than first degree.

Second Degree class fee $680.00


Third Degree

The next level of instruction is that of Reiki Master, or third degree. At this point, a student should have practised Reiki for a reasonably long period to have a body of experience of this technique. Initiation as a Reiki Master empowers the teaching of this system. The student studying to become a master works with another master, setting up and assisting with classes. They continue to explore the practise of reiki in their lives and in relationship to the master they study with. Eventually the student receives instruction in conducting the classes and initiations, and is given the master or third degree initiation. Becoming a Reiki Master, is a life calling.

I am open to discussing training as a master with anyone who feels called to this.


‘Just Reiki’ Intensive on Pender Island

Come and join this four day treatment intensive held every June, an opportunity for all levels of Reiki Students to experience the profound benefits of giving and receiving hands on treatment every day for four days. We meet in Shelley’s home every morning to share reiki and end with a luncheon on the final day.

Fee $140 includes tax.  Register early as space is limited!


Ki to Health

I have developed the Ki to Health seminar to provide practical tools and techniques to help you experience more energy as you deal with daily challenges. During the seminar you practise simple exercises to improve flexibility, strength and balance; learn more about ki through a process of ‘ki testing’; practise visualization and breathing techniques to increase the flow of ki through our bodies; learn to apply ki through basic shiatsu technique which can be used on oneself or others to release blocked ki or tension.

Ki to Health will enhance your practice of reiki, shiatsu, t’ai chi, yoga or martial arts.

  • Explore and experience Ki – the dynamic life force.
  • Understand the interconnection of body, mind and spirit.
  • Learn techniques to release pain and transcend resistance; to allow ease of movement and successful living.
  • Feel relaxed and rejuvenated, ready to live and work with energy and enthusiasm.
Shelley draws on a background of study, including sociology and psychology, yoga, education, aikido, dance, consensus facilitation and almost 30 years of professional shiatsu and Reiki practice in the creation of this seminar. Participants experience connectedness–the infinite flow of ki connecting our centre with our world. The experience supports us in walking our paths more gracefully. Shelley is available to teach this seminar in a one-day format to groups of 10 or more. Shelley is a Registered Shiatsu Therapist, with the Shiatsu Therapy Association of B.C.

Client Testimonial

My Mother broke her wrist soon after my level one with you and I was able to (my mom was open to ) Reiki as a result she healed so.....(perfect) and fast and no surgery was needed.