It often happens at the completion of a healing constellation in circles held at Another Space: when all is calm and energy is in harmony, the music magically begins to play somewhere. Sometimes it is popular music, songs to which we know the words. Once it was a beautiful cascade of classical piano, flowing over us with grace that brought shivers to the skin and tears to eyes. That the music filters in to us from another room, another building or the outdoors, makes it even more magical. The evening the piano music was played, it was as if we had come together just to hear that beautiful music!

The last Space For Joy circle held at Another Space, was on a warm early summer evening when many just could not bring themselves indoors. We had a small but potent circle. Participants were very present for healing and the experience of spirit and connection that constellation work creates. In opening introductions one of the participants mentioned that on her way to circle, sirens had passed and then she had passed a bass band practising in a park nearby. I mentioned how often in this special healing space, music signals the completion of a healing constellation.

We managed to complete three constellations with the small circle of five who were present. We began with a circle for one individual that explored the relationship between money, work and belonging. This person happened to be the one who had remarked on the brass band and sure enough when the representatives she chose for money, work and belonging had said what was needed and were in places that were comfortable and gave them connection, the music began. Quiet at first and gradually louder as we paid attention, we heard the brass band, as a fanfare of success, a celebration.

The second constellation included representatives for parents and reluctance. As we worked with these representatives, we saw them transform into two parents, one available and one reluctant to be available. I then brought in the ‘seeker’ or person who had asked the question, to join the representatives for parents in the circle. We initiated a process of reunion or healing of relationship that had been strained. Sure enough, at the completion, the music began again!

The third constellation was of relationship of self to money and work. Because we were a small group, all had some part in every constellation. I noticed that the woman who twice represented money also represented the mother and the person who set the first constellation about money, work and belonging, was asked to represent self in this third constellation about relationship to work and money. The representatives moved, answered questions about their experiences, spoke to one another and finally came to a place of calm relationship. At this point of completion, work stood behind money and self stood at money’s right hand. This felt like a calm, stable relationship. One representative commented that this felt like a boat, with ‘self’ at the tiller, directing the boat, which was money, and work as the engine which propels the boat. We also noticed that what we could see out across the street in the direction the participants were facing, was three almost identical white SUV’s, parked in a row. The message to me as the facilitator, (although the person calling the constellation often receives more personal insights) seemed to be that the destination is not so important, but it is important to choose a destination and keep your focus on it, to give direction to work and money. Of course, at that moment when all was calm and balanced, the sirens were heard, the completion to our evening of insight and healing.

As I reflected on the three constellations of the evening and on those who had represented the various roles, it seemed that in the final constellation this image of a boat could also represent our relationship to yin and yang, female and male, mother and father. Mother or yin is the container and resource, the ‘boat’ as is money. Father or yang is the driving force, propelling energy like the ‘engine’ work. We are the ones who may sit in the boat, reach out and hold on to the tiller. It is up to us to take our connection to Yin and Yang, Mother and Father. This connection enables us to make a choice in where we are headed.

Constellation work is powerful in that it enables us to strengthen this connection with parents where it has been weakened. It enables connection through our parents to our ancestors. With this connection to such a powerful energy source, to life force, we are no longer at the mercy of currents and winds of the world, but able to choose our destination and direct our course to move forward in a clear and supported way.

The magic and synchronicity in these healing circles continues to amaze and delight me. As a result of the many circles I have participated in, I feel myself more securely resting in the boat with my hand on the tiller. I can see many choices and a clear course when I relax into this image. Constellation work has allowed many of us to ‘take’ parents in ways we never imagined, giving us choices we had not imagined, choices to allow space for joy in our lives.

(Shared with permission of circle participants)