Stepping into the world of blogging, after dragging my feet for a while, I feel the energy of beginning something new. Whenever there is a new outlet for the flow of energy in your life, more energy flows. Think of a pond, filling up from a spring, creek, or from the rain. (easy to imagine in this spring west coast weather) If there is no outlet for the water, it will just keep filling until it seeps over the top, or floods, and then once the rains stop it will get stagnant. If there is an outlet, then the water flows more steadily and the pond stays fresh and alive. Energy flows through us in the same way. Without an outlet, we can have ‘floods’, for example, emotional outbursts or perhaps sweats, or we can get ‘stagnant’, as in lethargic, lack of good circulation, constipation. With outlets for our energy, it more readily flows smoothly and abundantly.

In the springtime, everything is supporting new growth. It is time to open up to something new to allow increased energy to flow through our life. Taking a course, investigating a new subject, picking up a hobby or friendship long dormant…these are all ways of increasing the energy flowing in our lives.

Here’s to staying in the flow!