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Most often the Japanese word Ki, is translated as energy, but it is also translated as breath. Breath is our essential source of energy, providing oxygen to our cells. When people ask me what they can do to improve their health, I most often answer, breathe deeply.

When sinus passages become congested, breathing deeply is more difficult. Recently I noticed that I was occasionally sneezing. The windows are open and the pollen from long grasses is drifting in and as I inhale, the sinus cavities are doing their job of catching pollen in the mucous. When they are irritated by much pollen, they produce more mucous, to clear away the irritant. Sometimes the irritant causes us to sneeze, a natural way to clear out sinus passages.

We can assist with cleansing the irritant, whether it is pollen, dust or perhaps an airborne bacteria or something else. The ancient Ayurvedic practice of cleansing the sinus cavity by rinsing it with a saline solution, is called Neti. For many years  I have had a small plastic neti pot, used to pour a body temperature saline solution into the nostril. Lately I have seen some lovely ceramic neti pots and have considered purchasing one. Then one day I noticed my little elephant in my collection of animal creamers. His trunk is just the perfect size to fit a nostril, and he is easy to hold and pour. Now I have a whimsical and attractive new use for my little elephant. These little animal creamers are fairly common now as novelties in kitchen shops and cost a fraction of the price of the stylish ceramic net pots!

You can follow the Wikipedia instructions for using a neti pot, remembering to use boiled water and non-iodized sea salt and…

Breath easily and deeply!

elephant neti pot