Spring is in the air, with croaking frogs the background at night and birdsong during the day. Today I noticed insects beginning to buzz as well. This past week at work, it was a treat to have a young buck come by for a little nap just outside my window. As soon as my clientImage lay down on the treatment table the young deer came along, looked around and then as I began the treatment, decided to settle in the sun right outside my window. He was only about six feet from us! I did a ninety minute session and expected him to leave before I was done. As soon as the session was drawing to a close, he stood up and looked around. I left the room and went out to the hallway, where I photographed him while I waited for my client to get up and ready to go. When she was up I returned to my treatment room and found the buck must have just left. He clearly was there just for that treatment. He reminded me about gentleness and grace of movement. He brought this special movement or quality of energy to share with us. Animals also move energy. We all share this ki as we share the air. We really are not separate!