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Ki (Japanese word for energy or breath) to Health (ease and well-being of body, mind and spirit).

Ki is a Japanese word for the energy of life. When ki is flowing, life is vibrant, rich and rewarding. By becoming aware of ki and what restricts or enhances the flow, we can live healthier, richer and more joyful lives.

How can you cultivate an awareness of energy and an ability to tap into it?

Reiki is a healing art that increases energy through hands-on treatment. I teach Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki, a system that has come from Japan through a lineage of teachers. It is easily learned in a few days, through story-telling and initiation and then it is cultivated through practise.

Ki to Health   classes offer an introduction to Asian Medicine through study of shiatsu, ‘ki testing’, stretching, breath and visualization work. Shiatsu is a Japanese healing art that uses pressure and stretches on the points and pathways of energy flow and gives a very physical experience of energy in the body. Ki testing was developed in aikido, and gives a physical experience of the flow of energy in the body.

Systemic Constellation Work is a tool that can be used to explore the energetic field of a family or other system and to restore the flow of energy in the system. Just as energy flows through individuals, it flows through all systems. A family, has an energetic field, with places where energy is held back and becomes restricted and places where it flows freely. Businesses or other organizations and eco-systems also have their own fields.  Systemic constellation can be done in a group or as an individual consultation.

I have over 30 years experience leading groups, teaching classes and working individually with clients to explore and improve the flow of ki. I love witnessing the joy that arises when ki that has been stuck begins to flow. My teaching and facilitation are my contribution to the flow of life energy in our world.

Shelley offers a range of experiences

Explore and cultivate abundant ki with Shelley through her classes, constellation circles, or individual sessions. Employ Shelley’s sensitivity and understanding of the flow of ki in facilitating your plans and projects.



Reiki is ‘first for yourself, then for your family and friends and then for others.’ This was what was taught by Hawayo Takata, the master who brought reiki to the west from Japan. Reiki is a simple and extremely powerful system of healing that anyone can learn.

Shelley offers all levels of reiki training as well as workshops to enrich your practice.  Classes include: First degree; Second Degree; Reiki Intensive, and a Monthly Reiki Sharing Circle on Pender Island.

Shelley’s ‘Ki to Health’ classes provide an experiential understanding of ‘ki’ or ‘chi’ through ki testing, breathing and stretching exercises and introduction to shiatsu and the vast body of knowledge in which it is based. Shiatsu, is translated from the Japanese as ‘finger pressure’, and began as folk medicine. Many points and stretches are easily learned and used to improve health
The training you receive in these classes is rich with the experience of 30 years of practice in this field.


Are there difficulties in your life—relationships, work, health, finances—that you just can’t seem to understand or get past? Are you looking for more or deeper spiritual connection? Systemic Constellation Work is a way to explore the hidden dynamics in any system, to find places where the energy of life has been stuck and allow it to flow again. Participation in a constellation circle reminds us of our connection to all that breathes. It makes visible the web of life.

Shelley offers a variety of constellation circles and individual constellation work in conjunction with bodywork sessions.



Do you have a goal, or desired outcome? Using consensus-building skills, Shelley can assist you in identifying and clarifying the goal you are working toward and the path that will take you there. The use of systemic constellation in the process will uncover hidden obstacles or unexpected allies and possibilities.
Your outcome becomes much more easily obtainable using this approach. Shelley can assist large and small groups or individuals.

Hear what Shelley’s students have to say…

Client Testimonial

Shelley has helped to weave deeper meaning and ease into my everyday life. There is a perfect balance of professionalism, integrity, wisdom and care offered in each moment. I trust her.